Paradigm Shift

The name of this blog is Organizational Fitness or Org Fit as we like to call it.  In our bio we talked about having happy employees.  The name Org Fit is what we’re all about.  What shape is your company, organization, department or team in?  We are here to assist you in getting your organization fit or in shape.  One of the biggest things in organizational fitness is having or creating a healthy work environment.  You can have the most talented employees but if their work environment is not healthy it will be difficult for them to perform to the level they are capable of.  

In order to have a healthy work environment you as a manager have to make a paradigm shift.  You have to change your perspective of the office.  Are you viewing your work environment from the perspective of the glass being half empty or half full?  Half empty means you can’t find anything right about your office and half full means you see the positives and you also see where improvements can be made.  Before you rush to any conclusions take a deep breath.

Since you see where improvements can be made I have a question, do any of those improvements involve you?  As a manager you are the thermostat for your office.  Your attitude and the vibe you bring to the office will determine the attitude of everyone else.  Unfortunately you may not have signed up to be a role model but part of managing means by default you’re a leader and thus a role model. 

Make sure you bring a healthy attitude to the office.  You shouldn’t expect something from someone else that you aren’t giving or willing to give.  When it comes to your attitude bring you A game.  You may not feel excited and cheerful everyday but more days than not have that smile on your face that says welcome I’m glad you’re here.  On Mondays please don’t say anything that denotes here’s the start of another boring or taxing week.  Dragging in on a Monday sets the tone for everyone else to have the same negative attitude.  Monday is the first day of the work week, let’s be pumped up and excited about what’s ahead of us.  Your attitude must be genuine or no one will take you seriously.  How bad do you want to change the atmosphere of your office?     

As a side note, if you have a pessimistic employee you may want to start with them (after yourself).  You can call them into your office and talk to them about their attitude.  You’re not trying to pry in their business but someway somehow you want to find out why they are so glass half empty.  Be careful in having this conversation because you don’t want to offend them.  If you don’t want to talk to them right away start by saying uplifting things to them.  If you know something about them buy their favorite candy bar, a cup of coffee or a small gift that will brighten their day.  We’re talking about you as a manager making a paradigm shift to create a healthy work environment.  I asked earlier if the improvements you identified included you.  As a manager the first step in creating a healthy work environment is changing the way you view the work environment.                   

Cornell Jenkins
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