Happy Work Environments

This week I’m going to be brief and to the point. As I’ve stated before, this blog is all about creating a healthy work environment that will in turn lead to a more productive and profitable organization. Management is responsible for creating or maintaining the environment in the workplace. For some reason even in 2013 management does not or will not get the fact that happy employees make for productive employees. Check out this blog post by the Human Capital division of the American Society for Training and Development. Management get on your JOB and start creating a happy workplace for your employees.
Happy Work Environment

Instead of waiting for two weeks to go by before I make another post check me out next Monday. My post will explain HR in layman terms. It will demystify HR for everyone. The post will be for people who don’t know the functions of HR, hate HR and especially those of you who have had a bad experience with HR.

Cornell Jenkins
If you want to reach me you can email me at corjoejen@yahoo.com or leave a comment.

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