HR In Layman’s Terms

As I promised last week here is HR in a nutshell. Let me begin by saying this is a breakdown of all HR functions and may/does not apply to every organization/company. That being said every organization that has an HR department or office performs many of these duties. Many organizations outsource some of these duties especially the administration of compensation and benefits. Smaller organizations outsource most of these duties. Smaller organizations also do not deal with employee development, employee/labor relations and EEO. Most organizations do not deal with risk management unless part or all of their workforce performs manual labor.

Strategic Management – is responsible for employee retention, succession planning and forecasting short term and long term hiring/layoffs

Workforce Planning & Development – is responsible for recruiting and the entire hiring process (e. g. interviewing, employee orientation etc.)

Employee Development – is responsible for assessing the training needs of the company and providing the training

Compensation & Benefits – is responsible for the administration of salaries, life and health benefits and retirement counseling

Employee/Labor Relations & EEO – is responsible for providing employees with a mechanism to file a grievance(s) against another employee or management, providing a mechanism for management to take a disciplinary action(s) against employees, resolving union/management issues, recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce and ensuring the company is in compliance with affirmative action laws

Risk Management – is responsible for the mental health of employees (e. g. grief counseling and administering the employee assistance program), ensuing the company is in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws, administering the disability or workman’s compensation program and performing background investigations on current or potential employees.

Cornell Jenkins

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