How HR Affects the Average Employee

Since today is the first day I’ll be blogging every week let’s get this party started. I’m excited to be spending every week with you all now.

In my last post HR In Layman’s Terms I explained the various HR functions and their responsibilities. This week I’m going to explain how those functions can or do affect you as an employee. Some of the functions have very little or no bearing on current employees so I won’t mention them. This list is short and sweet.

Strategic management – during this time of furloughs and mass layoffs this HR function is very busy. They’re responsible for determining the number of people to furlough or layoff. They have to work closely with Employee/Labor relations to ensure the furloughs and layoffs are in accordance with federal laws (see WARN Act)

Employee development – any training, internal, external, self-directed or otherwise.

Compensation & Benefits – makes sure you get paid and on time, makes sure your health/dental insurance stays active and that whatever company they use for the retirement program doesn’t steal your money.

Employee/Labor Relations & EEO – makes sure you are protected from retaliation from management when you file a complaint against them for being mistreated (not because of an EEO issue). Responsible to make sure you are protected from retaliation from management when you file an EEO [sex (including pregnancy and sexual harassment), sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or genetic information, national origin, age (40 and older)] complaint against your employer.

Cornell Jenkins

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