Stay In Your Lane

Find out what part of HR your company is good at then become great at it. HR is too broad of a field to be great in every area. Be good in every area but be great in one. During the tech boom of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s most of the companies focused on compensation. During the tech boom you heard about high salaries and amazing benefit packages that included expensive houses/apartments, company cars and stock options.

Don’t worry about what other companies are doing. Focus on what you’re doing. The only time you need to focus on what someone else is doing is when you’re benchmarking. By all means find out what the leading companies are doing to recruit, retain and compensate their employees. Look at the top 500 companies worldwide and find out what they’re doing that you aren’t.

Everything you find isn’t for you to imitate. Just because someone else is good at something doesn’t mean you will be also. Staying in your lane means once you benchmark what’s out there don’t forget what you’re good at. Before you implement your findings consider the size and organizational structure of your company. Take the information you find and tailor it to your company. Anyone can benchmark but the hallmark of good benchmarking is taking someone else’s idea and manipulating it to fit your company.

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