Empowering Employees Is Important

In today’s workforce you hear managers talk about getting employee buy-in. If you empower your employees getting them to buy into a new concept is easy. One aspect of creating a healthy work environment is making sure your employees feel like they are part of the team.

When decisions need to be made do you run a dictatorship or a democracy? You have to be clear that employees are not children. They do not have to do what you say. They are paid to do what you say but they are adults just like you. If you run a dictatorship you are creating a recipe for disaster. You will never get your employees’ buy-in if you are always telling them what to do.

Employees need a sense of empowerment. If you include people in the decision-making process then getting their buy-in is a no-brainer. Employees need to be able to make decisions without having to ask management. When people are empowered it gives them a sense of pride in what they do. This sense of pride causes them to work harder and smarter. Their creativity starts to come out and you end up getting a better product. There are so many benefits to empowering employees that it will amaze you. Start today by empowering your employees and watch the difference it makes.

Let me know the results you get from empowering your employees. If you have a question or comment leave it below or email me at corjoejen@yahoo.com

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