Employees Gone Wild

Are your employees doing the job you hired them to do? Are they achieving the goals you set for them, if not why? There is a difference between your employees doing the job you hired them to do and doing the job you want them to do.

You cannot hire someone to do a job but want them to achieve a different goal. You cannot expect them to do a job you didn’t hire them to do. They took the job expecting to do one thing but you want them to do something totally different. That’s not fair to them.

You have to decide which change you are going to make. Are you going to change your goals or change the work they are doing? You may need to change their job description. If you decide to change their job description make sure the new job description accomplishes the goals you are trying to obtain.

Changing someone’s job description has major implications. When you change someone’s job description they may have to acquire a new skill(s). If they don’t have the skill(s) you’re looking for you may have to hire someone.

If you want more information on job descriptions, have a question or comment you can leave it here or email me at corjoejen@yahoo.com

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