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Perfect Candidate

The HR field exists for a reason. Let us do our job. One of our specialties is recruiting. When you take HR duties and give them to someone else chaos or least inefficiency ensues.

Looking for perfection in an imperfect world sounds challenging if not impossible. I know someone that is experiencing not being perfect. Since there is no perfect person employers need to take advantage of the transferable skills applicants come with. I was sharing with this person that employers are lazy. They don’t want to take the time to study a resume. The laziness of employers leads to the frustration of job seekers.


What price perfect?

A mark of the modern employment market is the seeming inability to find skilled, competent employees. Companies continually complain about the lack of fundamental skills in recent graduates while government clamors for increased STEM education.

But this mistates the situation.

Even as communities continue to recover from massive outsourcing and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression the truth about the job market is less complex and therefore even more shocking.

Companies are looking for perfect.

Somewhere along the way with the HR function fully complicit we lost sight of hiring people to do a job and started to think about hiring brand extensions. We started to look for people without any blemish professionally or interpersonally and turned hiring into a lottery as opposed to a competitive process.

The job market still functions at the extremes. For people with no absolute skill there are minimum…

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Employees or Children

Who needs supervision more employees or children? Children between the ages of one and ten need a babysitter. Due to the lack of boundaries in the workplace managers view themselves as babysitters.

Just like children, employees are a product of their environment. In 2014 what type of environment are managers creating for their employees? When I was in the eighth grade every day in my algebra class was a circus. My teacher didn’t have control of the class. Her lack of control allowed me to sleep 2-3 days a week.

If managers don’t set expectations for their employees’ performance and behavior the employees will do whatever comes to mind. Regardless of age people need boundaries. Setting boundaries is the only way to properly govern the performance and behavior of employees.

Managers, if you need to treat your employees like children then by all means act accordingly. I had a supervisor that said I have no problem treating you all like children. My supervisor set expectations for her employees’ performance and behavior. She constantly communicated those expectations. The repetitiveness of her expectations made it difficult to forget how you were expected to conduct yourself. Managers what message are you communicating to your employees? Are you communicating expectations or mayhem?

Managers have the responsibility to create an environment in which employees can grow professionally. Mayhem creates an unhealthy work environment which produces sub-par performance. A healthy work environment allows employees to reach their potential.

A healthy work environment has boundaries that govern the actions and performance of its employees. People need boundaries and without them mayhem ensues.
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Slow Down

In 2013 most people have a full schedule five to seven days a week. The hectic pace that most of us live at is not physically, mentally, or emotionally healthy. Many people don’t know when to slow down and take a break.

It is difficult to take care of home (e.g. children and spouses) if we always have a high stress level. A high stress level makes you irritable and the smallest thing can send you over the edge. Stress manifests itself differently in everyone. Some people over-eat, some can’t sleep, and some may have headaches or develop ulcers etc. All of us need time to rest!

Wisdom is saying it’s time for me to slow down. Starting today instead of posting every Monday I will post every other Monday. My next post will be two weeks from today.

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C-suite You Can’t Do Everything

From the outside looking in, the C-suite is a desirable place to work. However, the occupants of the C-suite have an enormous responsibility. Obtaining an office in the C-suite is a professional achievement that few accomplish. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and having laser focus. Once you’ve obtained an office in the C-suite, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Relish in the fact that your labor was not in vain.

But, now that you’re in the C-suite, it’s also time to get to work. One of the first things you should do is figure out which part of the organization you should focus on. Should you focus on internal issues, external issues, or both? There are many executives whose positions require them to focus on both — and there is nothing wrong with that. However, balancing the two can prove to be difficult.

Internal and external matters require different perspectives. Concerns regarding the public image of an organization (external) are totally different from improving a process in procurement (internal).

The laser focus you displayed before you arrived in the C-suite is the same focus you’ll need while in the C-suite. You cannot confuse internal issues with external issues and vice versa. If your focus is internal, then the only issues that are germane to you are internal. Likewise, if your focus is external, the only issues that are germane to you involve representing the organization and the like.

Sometimes internal and external issues overlap but for the most part they do not directly affect each other. Here are two instances where they do overlap. First, a cumbersome approval process in the marketing department can delay the rolling out of a new marketing campaign. Secondly, a negative racial perception of a company can increase the number of diversity classes it’s customer service representatives have to take.

In order to maintain laser focus, it is imperative that you hire someone who can take your place when you’re not there. Your ability to stay focused on internal or external issues depends on who’s supporting you. A position in the C-suite should be occupied by someone that is capable of handling the responsibilities that come with the position. For those of you that desire to be an occupant in the C-suite, be prepared to put in years of hard work, dedication, and laser focus.

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