Employee Disengagement

Employee engagement has been a hot topic in HR world-wide for the past few years. Employers across the globe are trying to figure out how to get and keep their employees engaged.  For the most part engaged employees are happy employees.  Engaged employees stay at their jobs longer than disengaged employees and engaged employees provide an emotionally stable work environment.

While upper management and HR are trying to figure out how to get and keep their employees engaged, employees continue to focus on obtaining a work-life balance. Many HR professionals believe providing a work-life balance for employees will facilitate engagement (I’m one of them).  In the past few years I have read only a few articles and participated in a limited number of conversations that focused on making sure employees did have a work-life balance.

If upper management and HR truly want what’s best for their employees they would recommend employees go home on time. Gemma Dale is an HR professional that resides in London, in her blog post Go Home On Time she provides a good case why employees should “go home on time”.  Upper management and HR professionals should seriously consider Gemma’s suggestion.  As an employee of any organization you’ll agree that Gemma’s assessment is accurate.

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Slow Down

In 2013 most people have a full schedule five to seven days a week. The hectic pace that most of us live at is not physically, mentally, or emotionally healthy. Many people don’t know when to slow down and take a break.

It is difficult to take care of home (e.g. children and spouses) if we always have a high stress level. A high stress level makes you irritable and the smallest thing can send you over the edge. Stress manifests itself differently in everyone. Some people over-eat, some can’t sleep, and some may have headaches or develop ulcers etc. All of us need time to rest!

Wisdom is saying it’s time for me to slow down. Starting today instead of posting every Monday I will post every other Monday. My next post will be two weeks from today.

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