Is your organization fit is it in shape? The only way to accurately answer this question is to take the pulse of your company, department or team. Many people in management don’t want to know the fitness level of their company, department or team. Ignoring a potential problem is the best way to end up with a mess on your hands. Taking the pulse of your company, department or team is preventive medicine.

If you’re a business owner depending on the size of your company I recommend a yearly check-up. If you operate a small business I recommend semi-annual check-ups. If you’re a department head I recommend quarterly check-ups. If you’re a team leader I recommend monthly to quarterly check-ups.

Are you effective and efficient? Some people believe one necessitates the other but that’s not true. You can do one without doing the other. If your company, department or team is not fit you’re lacking in one or both areas. In order to function at maximum capacity you have to be effective and efficient. When was the last time you conducted a check-up?

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